About Us
What We Do...
www.EricSteinMedia.com is committed to excellence in audio
production. Music Composition / Performance, Sound Design,
Voice Over, Recording both in studio and on location. You
Name It. For All Media Including:
•        Television
•        Radio
•        Internet Applications (websites) as well as
•        Individual Projects (CD’s, voice over, in studio / location
recording etc.)

We are willing to offer ideas for your project, drawing on our
years of experience producing projects from start to finish,
ensuring yours joins the many others that have enjoyed
success and recognition in their related fields.

You take charge. We’ll take charge. Or both. You decide.

From producing to manning the helm at the recording console.
composing to consulting. From being part of the creative team
to simply ensuring what YOU want gets recorded, produced,
and finished the way YOU want it, we’ll walk, run, or
bulldoze you thru your project and make it come alive,
transforming it from a
vague, fuzzy concept to a concrete, tangible, “I can actually
hold this in my
hand!” completed project you can be proud to call your own.
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